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Mustang Sprint Comb - 3mm Bevel 94 Wide *Run-In Comb*
Mustang Comb - 3mm Bevel 94mm Wide
Panther Sprint Comb - 3mm Bevel 97mm Wide *Run-In Comb*
Panther Comb - 3mm Bevel 97mm Wide
Cheetah Comb - 4mm Bevel 97 Wide
Colt Comb - 4mm Bevel 94mm Wide
Max Cosmic Comb - 5mm Bevel 83mm Comb
Mighty Nova Comb - 5mm Bevel 88mm Wide
5-94 Comb - 5mm Bevel 94mm Wide
6-94 Comb - 6mm Bevel 94mm Wide
7-92 Comb - 7mm Bevel 92mm Wide
7-94 Comb - 7mm Bevel 94mm Wide
7-96 Comb - 7mm Bevel 96mm wide

Supershear Combs

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  • Supershear Combs *

Mustang & Mustang Sprint Comb - A crossbreed comb to suit all shearers, especially the professionals. Ideal for hogget & lamb shearing, as well as producing results for competition shearers. Available in full thickness & run-in (Sprint).

Panther & Panther Sprint Comb - A crossbreed comb to suit the professionals. The Panther is known for giving the highest tallies and quality of workmanship. Available in full thickness & run-in styles (Sprint). *Out of Stock*

Cheetah Comb - A comb designed for harder-shearing crossbreed sheep with tight dense wool.

Colt Comb - A comb designed for harder-shearing crossbreed sheep with tight dense wool, early in the season. *Low Stock*

Max Cosmic Comb - A good all-round convex shaped comb with fairly straight sides, ideal for farmers and learner shearers. *Low Stock*

Mighty Nova Comb - Suitable for dagging, crutching plus shearing tough and sticky sheep. A sleek bottom rider provides precise control, resulting in fewer second cuts, higher tallies & a better quality finish. *Out of Stock*

5-94 Comb - With longer tooth profile for easy entry into the wool & faster shearing, this comb is a great all purpose comb for tight crossbreeds & good combing merinos. Also commonly used for hogget & early crossbreed shearing.

6-94 Comb - The tooth profile allows easy entry & this comb has a sleek bottom rider keeping the comb running on the skin. *Out of Stock*

7-92 CombAn easy entry comb with extra long bevel & ultra fine tooth profile. A good comb for the dry part of the season, entering easily into the toughest merinos, short wool merinos & tight lamb shearing. 

7-94 Comb - This quick start comb will shear straight out of the box. Designed to suit the tougher shearing sheep located in hot, dry, dusty regions. *Out of Stock*

7-96 Comb - This run-in comb will suit the faster professional shearer who is looking to maintain his tallies each day. Ideal performance in average shearing Merinos.

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