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Lister Shearleader

Lister Shearleader

$1800.00 + Freight

The name says it all...
  Look at these advantages
> Powerful ¾ h.p. (550W) 240 volt, hi-tech motor 14 amps starting current and 2.7 amps running current provides low cost operation as well as being especially suited to gen. set operation.
> Cushioned friction drive for smooth running.
> One only adjustment position.
> Rugged cast iron bracket.
> Ball bearing support on both sides of cushion drive gives better load distribution and longer life.
> Threaded friction spindle eliminates drive pin and spring ensuring positive attachment of cores.
> Threaded core connection at three points needs only one type of core connection. Eliminates gut hooks and bayonet joint, which are flexible joints and wear positions.
> Positive drive system reduces downtube noise and vibration.
> Specific core materials provide smooth but flexible drive.
> Lister Shearleader will reduce and minimise maintenance costs because it is the only plant with sufficient power, designed to reduce plant wear resulting from the increased loads of wide gear

                   *Price includes Lister Shearleader and complete downtube

*Please contact us 08 8321 9155 for a quote on freight to your location.

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