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Handypiece Pro


  • Ideal for shearing/ crutching sheep and alpacas
  • Slim, comfortable and balanced to hold and operate
  • Variable speed operation from 2400-3500 rpm
  • 12 Volt motor can be battery pack operated (attached to belt) or connected to farm vehicle, quad etc for ease of use.
  • Robust design, brushless motor, and easy to clean and maintain
  • Low current draw from lithium 12v battery. Crutch between 300-400 sheep, depending on dirtiness
  • Auto reset for overload or lockup
  • Ideal to keep in your vehicle or ATV through times of fly strike


Kit includes: Handypiece Pro, Battery and Charger, Belt, Holster & pouch, Screwdriver, Oil Bottle and Carry Bag

Additional Battery Available

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